About Angel The Author

About Angel

Angel is an artist and author who has been called by Jesus to be a missionary messenger and guiding figurehead of The Return Crusade Non-profit, Exhibition Mission in Tacoma, Washington. Since her passionate encounter with The Lord, she continues to complete his requests by investigating, researching or sharing her journey for the betterment of the communities as a whole. She has been enjoying learning about various points of view on the subjects of religions, the watchmen, times of Jerusalem, Archaeological works and history in general on how she can be of help to you in discovering your own path with The Lord from this earthly realm.

She has an Associates Degree in business and beauty, gifted as a creative artist-entrepreneur who has worked continuously to be in service to her clients while she has been undergoing her own transitioning transformation. Her unique ability to have compassion and understanding of all sides of those around her even when parties disagree with working towards the common ground for all that comes across her path. Her greatest hope is to be a gift to humanity by doing for others and leading their way to The Kingdom of The Lord.

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About The Book

Book Quotes~

“Mary in The Resurrection was a quieted symbol, I now would be asked to carry on her legacy in wait of his great return.” “Why Me Lord?”-Angel


When Jesus spoke to Angel proclaiming Mary Magdalene was at his side during The Resurrection and would be once again, he would lead her back to The Golden Gate saying, “Prepare the oil for the masses and make ready for me.”-Jesus


This is an incredible true story of Angel’s testimonials and connections brought to light by Jesus on his journey with Mary Magdalene leading the way in wait of him to join us at his bridal table.

From PinUp to Penitent, I am a girl he renamed Angel. A girl he would start to deliver from the seven deadly sins then chooses to re-deliver his 2000-year-old message. He wanted all to be reminded that it was Mary that never left his side up to The Resurrection and that she would once again be the symbolic rose at his side for his Return. I am to deliver this message along with his precious oil to the Golden Gate. The 8th gate that stands for a new beginning and that he will re-open in Jerusalem. I am to prepare the masses to purchase their lamp and perfume oils on what will become known as his Return Crusade.

This book is a non-fiction memoir that is a real-life story with connections and threads that tie to a kingdom in which our prince will soon become king. A story of how important Mary was to him, his Apostle to The Apostles, a forgotten lost love story having been cast aside barely remembered in today’s society. As the bridal party waits, I am to have his modern disciples help the people with his 5 non-profit projects which have already been started with the state of Washington. He is calling all Christians to be prepared and inviting all of humanity that would like to find him so they may join together at his table.

You will not be disappointed when you speak with me about my story not because I am anything great or special but because it is a story that I am willing to share on The Lord’s behalf that happened in real life that he wants you to never forget. All will have to live by faith as he asked from the moment he said he will return to us while I try to get this message to as many as possible. I hope it will touch your hearts and that you will share my story to reach as many people as we can. We are not guaranteed the time of his arrival and we do not want to miss any precious souls while we work if he’s not already here by then ;).

Sending The Lord’s Love & Light To All in Jesus Name I Pray,