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What Would Jesus Do?

by Return Crusade on January 28, 2018

This one simple question, What would Jesus do? It is my greatest hope as I share my first threads of love~letters to you that it would first ground us, creating a stable root like that of the tree of life, that will grow to produce excellent fruit. Fruit that would sustain us as we take the steps together becoming as enlightened on the journey of our DNA through the centuries by letting him lead us.

When we decide to ask this question of ourselves, from the moment our eyes awaken from our sleeping slumber, before first placing our feet on the floor and before our first thought takes ahold of our spirit it can not help, but to invoke us to think before saying and think before doing.  To honestly walk with the Lord is to seek his SACRED heart by continuing to ask him, Lord what would you do?

We all know unless you are new to this walk that we can go to our Bibles if we feel we can not hear personally from our savior and find answers like that of the greatest map ever made. Discerning the written word at times can be daunting just as tilling the ground for our plantings. So, my next hope is to be of any help to you by extending my olive branch.

He knows it is difficult for us to discern our thoughts as we watch the world troubled in turmoil, but if you call upon him with this simple question he will give you rest so you can re-energize for your next tilling or understanding.

In the photo above, Jesus would honor you by the washing of the feet in humbleness and love of who you are to him, just as he did for his disciples. Would you do the same or would you believe you are above doing such things? In other words, how can we think and then act on any choice that might make us seem to be better than the Lord himself? I am sure I am like many of you who came from a bit of the tougher side of life making this a hard thing to do, but the rewards to the heart, soul, and spirit that it brings, just doing this little exercise every day could change your life and others.  

Our spirit is the energy, the lamp, the light. It was what God used since the beginning of time. We should take a moment before gathering our thoughts, which then lead to our actions. Let us not forget to ask the question so we do not become lost. Once I learned to say this daily it helped me in almost every difficult situation I have faced. I felt it was in fact so important that I decided to make it my very first blog post for all readers. Let this question guide you in everything you do and help you as it does for me.

John 8:12 “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

Some of you reading this were hoping to learn about our company, who we are, what we are doing and so on. I will for sure be doing that very soon, but it is more important to hear from the Lord when starting something new for him, and that is the spirit of the company when I decided to walk in his light through faith in my calling. I will try to keep most of the posts as simple as possible so that the information is hopefully easier to understand and digest. At least that is my goal! I also hope to share current events, exercises or bible scriptures below my letters that we can discuss together as needed.

Also, I did decide to open the shop portion of our new site so that those who wanted to purchase items for Christmas could do so while we were building. There is nothing better than receiving something based on the Lord as a special gift in celebration of his birthday. Right now our site seems as though it is all about buying and selling, which we are excited for our offerings to you, but it is only to support the mission or help the people we want to serve. It is not my heart that there just be financial gain in the house of the Lord. I never want him to overturn our tables in anger because we did not follow his lead by always asking, you already know what I am going to say, What would Jesus Do?

I will always be looking for ways to be transparent in sharing my story or any financial growths in service to the Lord and you his people. He gave me a high calling to be at his side that I wish to fulfill by his grace. “I shall be kneeling at his feet with his requested oil ready for his return.”

If you want to be right there with me please subscribe, to stay informed. Coming Soon pre-order your personal bottle of perfume oil or donate to his mission. Yes I said his. This is an event that will be once in a lifetime that you will not want to miss as we follow him on the greatest journey back to the Holy Land✨ in wait of Our King✨

Love and Light✨



John 8:12 NIV

by Return Crusade on January 28, 2018

“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

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by Return Crusade on January 28, 2018

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