Celtic Irish Cross Jewelry

Copper and Bronze Ages (2500–500 BC)

Crusader Thread~Ross Island in Ireland could be where some of the copper bronze was mined then sent to Jerusalem by boat as part of building Solomon’s Temple. Copper was also used to create one of The Dead Sea Scrolls hidden by The Essenes in Qumran.

Metallurgy arrived in Ireland. The Bell Beaker people mined copper known as the Chalcolithic or Copper Age from Ross Island and Mount Gabriel during this period. 

The Bronze Age began once copper was alloyed with tin around 2000 BC. creating many weapons and tools including Trumpets which Irishmen became well known producing with the lost wax process. Ireland was also rich in native gold.

Iron Age (500 BC – AD 400)

The Irish Iron Age is believed to be the time of The Celts. It began around 500 BC and continued until the Christian era brought the end of the prehistoric c. Era of Ireland.

La Tène style, the term for Iron Age Celtic Art was used in the later early Christian period, to form the Insular Art of the Book of Kells  and other well-known masterpieces, perhaps under influence from Late Roman and post-Roman Romano-British styles.

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